If you feel stuck or think you could use some help in dealing with matters of love, relationships, confidence and other topics that are important to you, I am happy to give you some guidance. I offer several different workshops, depending on the topic or need. 

Couples' sessions young adults
Are you in a relationship with someone and would like to understand each other better or learn of better ways to communicate and share thoughts and feelings, Imago Relationship Therapy might be of help to you. In a relaxing yet professional setting I help (young) couples to meet each other in a new way and start fresh or guide them through a healthy separation.

Girl Talks

Being a teenager can be super challenging sometimes. You are definitely no longer a kid, but you're not yet an adult either. Even though you already get to deal with adult stuff.

Teen Talks

Workshops where people like you share their experiences, emotions, questions, struggles and thoughts in a safe and non-judging environment. 

'Learn to Love'

I am also an ambassador for the OneLove Foundation and facilitate workshops throughout Switzerland.  Contact me to find out more about the 'One1Love Workshops' and how you can participate. Join the Relationship Revolution now!

Smiling for the Camera

Girl Talk

(girls only)

A series of group talks for girls and for 'all things girly' - relationships, self-esteem, assertiveness, eating disorders, substance abuse, you name it! 


The talks are held on a regular basis (to be determined) and are treated in a highly confidential manner. 

Romantic Dinner

Relationship Skills

(for him & her)

Some basic tools for healthier communication and happier relationships! 

Love and Mojitos

Real Love?

(for him & her)

How to tell a healthy relationship from an abusive one and what to do if you find yourself in an abusive relationship.

Interested in attending a workshop about this subject? Find out more about the OneLove Foundation.